Omnia: the unique platform that simplifies and accelerates the digital transformation of Banks and Insurances


What is Omnia?

Omnia is the only complete platform with everything you need to achieve digital and business transformation for companies.

Thanks to different and independent levels of use it allows processes, data and documents, to be managed, enabling finance companies to:

  • Create new products and services for customers and new profit centres;
  • Innovate product and service offerings by integrating digital innovations such as blockchain or new payment apps;
  • Create an offer of financial or non-financial digital products and services with omni-channel accessibility that is simple, intuitive and attractive;
  • Extend the distribution model by setting up services with new partners;
  • Personalise customer offerings by harnessing the ability of Omnia’s Analytic engine to tap into, manage and analyse IoT data (device/sensors in the home, wearable or in the car);
  • Achieve effort savings in back-office management, a reduction in time-to-market and an increase in operating income.

For Banks and Financial Intermediaries Omnia BPM leverage the digital innovations, such as blockchain or new payment apps, to enable and accelerate their business trasformation

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BPM e Application Platform

Thanks to our platform, it’s easy to create PoCs or prototypes that incorporate new digital technologies to see if they fit business goals.
Our application platform, unlike many solutions on the market, is truly Low Code (i.e., you don’t write code to create applications) thus allowing a really fast Time to Market.

Omnia can automate any process and can be used to develop any type of application, data and process driven, and for any device.

Omnia Advantages

  • Possibility to intervene only where it is more urgent, to expand later where necessary;
  • Ease of use even for non-technical personnel;
  • Exceptional operability for internal and external customers;
  • Simple, intuitive, attractive and consistent app customer experience;
  • Accessible and readable data with customizable dashboarding and reports with historical and real-time data to support decisions;
  • Fast Time to Market that doesn’t block daily activities and application choices already made;
  • Infrastructure independent (available in Private, Public, Hybrid or On-Premise Cloud);
  • Unlimited Innovation Prototypes and PoCs are quickly deployable to test the possibility of creating new products or services.

Do you like what we do?

Who are we?

We are a highly specialized IT company, with many years of experience on American software, hence our platform was born, created ad hoc for large companies, both nationally and internationally.

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