The world changes fast. Covid has accelerated the changes even more

Unfortunately, companies have not understood that enterprise software is critical for business / digital transformation. They can determine not only the success of a business but also its failure

After considerable investments in ERP, ITSM, CRM, etc. employees still waste a lot of time in manual and repetitive activities, slow and cumbersome processes, often making decisions on old and outdated data.

In companies the excell sheet reigns supreme, on which some people have built entire careers and even in masters it is taught how to best use it for the supply chain or for management control.

The Business has now resigned itself to seeking solutions without IT, given the numerous times in which it has been heard :  This is impossible

IT, on the other hand, feels misunderstood by the business because it is not able to make the best use of the most famous and expensive software implemented in the company.
In fact, everything should be accepted and tolerated in the name of the great software brands: ERP migrations that block the company for more than three months, confused and inaccurate data, high cost for any changes, non-competitive time to market, wasted time of brilliant employees on spreadsheets, whose input to the business would be invaluable, etc.
All this is no longer tolerable in the company.

It’s time to change.

An alliance between IT and business is necessary in order to choose company software not on the basis of the brand or on the positioning given by consulting companies, in short, the usual criteria that unfortunately led to the problems highlighted above.

You will need everyone’s critical ability to change software selection methods and processes.

Results alone should be the new determinants of the enterprise software choice. Results that must be clearly visible in a short time.
Tangible results, in terms of user experience, ease of use even by personnel without technical skills, integrations with digital innovation, ect. Tangible and objective results, without prejudices and false myths.
Although they are famous and expensive, many ERPs, CRMs, Application Platforms, etc. are based on old architectures. And being cloud native is not enough to ensure simplicity, innovation, modern user experience, competitive time to market.

All companies must focus on new business models that include digital innovation. For this purpose, software with modern architecture, open to innovation, easy to use even by non-technical personnel are indispensable.

These are   the only means to allow companies to move from the world of the Impossible to that of the POSSIBLE

Susi Vitale on LinkedIn