The tsunami of the digital economy is radically changing business models. Whole sectors of the economy are swept away in a few years, or completely distorted. However, digital innovation cannot be stopped, the risk for companies is disappearing. The digital transformation is about adopting technology/innovation and harnessing its power to overcome business challenges and unlock growth opportunities. Innovation does not lack in this digital age.

The problem is:

 How do you change how you’re getting to market with your products when consumer and competitors behaviors are changing based on the pace of innovation that’s happening at light speed?

How to quickly understand if innovation is suitable for your current business or what you imagine for the future?

IT has the difficulty of balancing a change that improves operations with the need to include “disruptive” innovations that enable a new business model  to compete. This because with the software already present in the company the Innovation is just a problem more to manage. Another challenge is that an organization may be swimming in data but exploiting only a fraction of available information.

In this context new software is becoming critical for every company’ s performance.

Omnia  as Application Platform Omnia allows IT to play a useful role in allowing the Business to realize the imagined new business model  thanks to its native features of low-code platform and integration.

Omnia is able to support the approach of testing, failing, learning, adapting, and iterating rapidly. thanks to its native features of low-code platform and integration.

It’s suitable  to small as well big projects: Omnia is scalable, and so you can start by filling a small application gap, but you can easily grow to replace entire big systems.

Omnia is the only application platform that enables companies to build real web applications, without usual technical hassles: not just process driven but also data driven Applications. In this it is completely different from other BPMs or Platforms today present in the market.

Omnia allows innovative companies to experiment the ways to combine products, services, and data to create entirely new businesses , because also in this case software playing a critical role in knitting together or enabling these new models.

Finally no one wastes time on the usual repetitive technicalities of software development but both IT and Business have the same goal: to innovate to  change and grow.

Susi Vitale on LinkedIn